Hoggan Scientific, LLC Offers Companies Solutions to Measure the Workplace and Human Performance to Help Reduce Injuries and Risk.

Since 1961, Hoggan Scientific, LLC., is recognized globally for providing force gauges and data acquisition sensors and software for ergonomics, health and safety, engineering, biomechanical, and research testing applications. The products are used for measuring job conditions, human performance, and tool/product testing, to aid in improving employee safety and reducing workplace injury.

What’s more important: Profits or Safety? Safety is the obvious answer, but does the typical employee know that? Having a culture of safety in the workplace is an important part of building employee morale and dedication. It can be built if companies provide employees with the right tools to avoid harmful accidents.

A great story to emphasize this point is found in one of the greatest success stories of a company and its focus on safety. In the book, The Power of Habit, a story is shared of Paul O’Neill, former Secretary of the Treasury for the President and how in 1987 he took over the position of CEO at the steel industrial giant company, ALCOA. On his very first day he gave a speech that explained exactly what his plan was for the company and his answer shocked many and at first it even scared investors.

“I want to talk to you about worker safety,” he said. “Every year, numerous Alcoa workers are injured so badly that they miss a day of work. “I intend to make Alcoa the safest company in America. I intend to go for zero injuries.”

Investors thought about the role of a CEO and it was to look after the profits of the company and investors. They even referred to him as a “hippie” who would ruin the company. It didn’t take too long to see the company culture change and production numbers went up and Alcoa went on to be very successful.
A company won’t necessarily double its profits by doing this, but having a comprehensive workplace safety and ergonomics program in place for employees can improve productivity, reduce or minimize injuries such as back, upper extremity and repetitive stress injuries, worker’s compensation claims, reduce absenteeism, improve well-being, performance and improve quality. All these and more help contribute to the bottom line of a company.
As a global leader and a provider of measurement tools for use for ergonomics, health and safety, Hoggan Scientific, LLC has been setting the bar for the quality of its ergonomics devices. These tools help companies provide their employees with the best products needed to measure workplace and human performance, and to help with decreasing risk for injuries in the workplace. Hoggan is dedicated to providing companies with the best tools for safety. Providing tools for ergonomics and better safety in the workplace is what Hoggan Scientific is passionate about.

Hoggan Scientific LLC has developed some of the most widely recognized measurement devices for use in ergonomics, health and safety programs. They help to measure and quantify human and product performance. The Hoggan ergo products are designed to be durable, accurate, easy to use, portable, and can be used with available data collection software.

ergoFET, ergoFET500 are digital push pull force gauges. ergoFET is handheld force gauge that fits nicely in palm of hand, provides readouts of peak force and duration and measures up to 300 lbs. force. The general purpose ergoFET500 has a durable lightweight machined aluminum housing, measures up to 500 lbs. force and shows peak and average force. microFET handGRIP is digital, has a lightweight handgrip dynamometer to measure handgrip strength, displays peak force up to 200 lbs. and duration (seconds).

ergoPAK Portable Analysis Kit and ergoGLOVE FSR System are wireless data acquisition gauges and sensors used in conjunction with data collection software, to collect and analyze field data under real job conditions and real world testing applications. ergoPAK is the essential tool kit that is portable, flexible and unobtrusive, that measures and collects force, angle and acceleration in real time. The gauges and sensors can be used individually or combined to capture several measures simultaneously. ergoGLOVE FSR System is a versatile and cost effective system, using lightweight thin film force sensing resistors to measure force between the body or between two surfaces, such as fingers or pressure points on the hand, and external surfaces, tools, machines and components.
To learn more about Hoggan Scientific ergonomic products, please visit our website at www.hogganhealth.net, or contact by phone 800-678-7888/801-572-6500, or email at [email protected]. The manufacturer can also be found on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/HogganScientific.

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