New Updated ergoGLOVE Now Offers Expanded Force Measurement and Data Collection Capability for Ergonomic, Engineering, Research, and Product Testing Applications

Used by ergonomists and engineers worldwide, HOGGAN Scientific, LLC announces updated ergoPAK ergoGLOVE Force Sensing Resistor System, providing data collection and feedback information of force measurements.

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) May 6, 2019. ergoPAK ergoGLOVE by Hoggan Scientific, LLC, is the essential tool kit for ergonomists, engineers and research professionals to measure, evaluate and verify human and product performance and the workplace. Hoggan Scientific is excited to announce its new updated ergoGLOVE (FSR) Force Sensing Resistor System with expanded testing capability to measure, collect and analyze force under real job conditions.

The updated ergoGLOVE now features wireless hub with 8 ports that supports connection of up to 8 force sensing resistors (FSR’s). The additional ports provide users with increased load measuring capability and options for measuring multiple force contact points. ergoGLOVE offers a versatile, cost effective, easy to use force measurement system to measure force between the body and external surfaces, tools, machines, components, or between two surfaces, utilizing lightweight thin film sensors that measure localized force.

The new wireless ergoGLOVE FSR System eliminates being tethered or connected to a laptop or PC with cables or cords, allowing users greater flexibility and freedom for testing. The FDC FET data collection software included with the ergoGLOVE captures data in real time, and is saved as a .csv file, which can be opened up in spreadsheet applications for review and analysis. The system is supplied with accessory gloves and finger cots that can be used with the hub and FSR sensors. Hub and FSR sensors can also be used standalone.

Hoggan Scientific is a recognized world leader in providing measurement devices and systems. Our ergonomic measurement products are found in companies worldwide in the automotive, aerospace and defense, consumer products, food processing, warehousing, and other manufacturing industries. Hoggan is committed to providing high quality, accurate and durable instruments with excellent customer service for its clients. For more information please email [email protected] or call 800-678-7888.

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