Customer Testimonials

Hand-held dynamometry is a fundamental component of my examination of patients in a home-care setting. The MicroFET is the dynamometer I use. The measurements I obtain with it are far more informative as to strength status, change, and implications than manual muscle testing. I highly recommend the MicroFET to therapists seeking to more objectively document the isometric limb and trunk muscle strength of their patients.   

Richard Bohannon, DPT, EdD, NCS, FAPTA, FAHA, FASNR, CEEAA.

“I enjoy using my Hoggan Scientific MicroFET2 with my home health clients. It provides my agency and our insurance payers precise and reliable measurements, taking the subjectivity out of manual muscle testing. I highly recommend it!”

KAYLA VASSALLO Physical Therapist  

With the ever changing documentation requirements, it is great to find a device which performs reliable and accurately.   We have been using the MicroFet devices for over 20 years, and are very pleased with it’s performance.  In treating higher level patients/athletes, it is imperative to be more specific on exactly what the objective data is, and we have found that the MicroFet devices perform and produces as needed.   We currently have 7 devices in use most of the day.  Between obtaining accurate muscle strength data, and true spine ROM using their inclinometer device, we feel we are able to evaluate and transition our patients to meet their specific functional outcomes.

Greg Hulsey, PT, Cert DN, ATC, LAT
President-CEO, Hulsey Therapy Services PC

In an effort to use as much objectivity as possible in rehabilitation of our athletes, we have come to rely heavily on the information provided to us by the microFET2 device to guide progressions in player care.It has become a vital element to effective rehabilitations of all body areas, and we have found it paramount in successful return to play progression and data collection. Progressive testing using the microFET2 device has allowed us to take serial measurements with athletes during the rehabilitative process, aiding us in our player education with relation to their care; in turn, it has allowed us as a medical staff to grasp further athlete “buy-in” and trust in the rehab process. There is currently no case in our long-term rehabilitation group that does not utilize the microFET2 to progress or justify their care. For this reason, the device has become an indelible and invaluable tool in safe, effective rehabilitation in our organization. The acquisition of further units can only serve to bolster these positive clinical measures and strengthen our objective approach. We look forward to our growth in the coming time with the help of the microFET2 device.

Jeremy Harris, PT, DPT, ATC
Minor League Physical Therapist
Cleveland Indians Baseball Company