microFET® Medical Dynamometers and Inclinometers

The wireless microFET medical dynamometers and inclinometers were developed to eliminate the subjective nature of musculoskeletal testing by giving accurate, objective and quantifiable results. microFET technology allows the clinician to document, reinforce, and support a treatment plan. Our microFET toolset is used in research and clinical trials, and in leading hospitals, universities, physical therapy and sports medicine clinics worldwide.


Digital Handheld Muscle Tester. The wireless microFET®2 is a handheld dynamometer that ergonomically fits in the palm of your hand.


Digital Handheld Dynamometer and Range of Motion Device. The wireless microFET®3 is a muscle tester and inclinometer in one device.

Baseline Bubble Inclinometer

The Baseline Bubble Inclinometer precisely measures, tests and evaluates the range-of-motion of necks, hips, spines, elbows, knees, shoulders, ankles, wrists and MCP joints.

microFET® HandGRIP

The microFET® HandGRIP dynamometer measures handgrip strength forces to test grip strength deficits and to evaluate consistency of effort.

microFET® Pinch

Digital finger pinch gauge that is used to measure pinch strength to provide clinicians with accurate and repeatable measurements.

Hand Evaluation Kit

Complete toolset to screen and evaluate hand strength. Includes Hoggan digital HandGRIP and Pinch together in one convenient carrying case.

Warning:  microFET devices for use in a medical setting are not licensed with regards to Canada regulations.