ergopak tactile force pressure sensorsergoPAK™ Ergonomic Assessment Equipment and Sensors

Wireless ergoPAK™ Portable Analysis Kit and ergoGLOVE Force Sensing Resistor Kit products are designed for testing, collecting and analyzing data under real job conditions for ergonomic, industrial, engineering, human performance, product and research applications. The wireless systems – ergoPAK with load cells and sensors to measure force, angle and acceleration, and ergoGLOVE with FSR tactile pressure force sensors are now cord and cable free, providing freedom of movement for ergonomic evaluations.

A Black Color Gloves With Controls


Measures pressure points between the hand and fingers and external surfaces, tools and machines with our thin, flexible FSR Sensors.

A 500 LB Load Cell Component in Display

ergo™PAK Portable Analysis Kit

Wireless ergoPAK™ sensors provide data acquisition tools and software for testing in engineering, ergonomic and research applications.

A Component in Black With a Wire

EPP Ergonomic Professional Pack

Wireless EPP Ergonomic Professional Pack offers an economical kit to measure small to large forces for ergonomics testing.