Medical and ergonomic testing devices for accuracy you can count on.

Since 1961 HOGGAN Scientific has been setting the standard for medical and ergonomic testing devices and industrial and physical therapy gauges. Our innovative and accurate devices are used in leading hospitals, universities, physical and occupational therapy, sports medicine and sports training facilities.

HOGGAN Scientific is a trusted name across disciplines. Industry leaders in the automotive, aerospace and food packaging industries as well as cutting-edge pharmaceutical and medical researchers around the globe count on our devices.

Our products include the microFET line of medical dynamometers for musculoskeletal evaluations, ergoFET force gauges and the ergoPAK Portable Analysis Kit and ergoPAK FSR data acquisition systems and sensors for industrial ergonomics and engineering testing.

Hoggan Scientific is built on a foundation of more than 50 years innovation, design and manufacturing expertise. In a world where precision matters, we offer our customers high quality tools to help them build productive and efficient systems within the workplace.