ergoFET® Force Gauges

Hoggan ergoFET® digital push pull force gauges are easy to use, and recognized for excellent quality, and long-lasting durability. ErgoFET® force gauges provide accurate and reliable readings, to objectify and quantify product design and human performance. Our highly-satisfied customers include automotive, aerospace, consumer products, and food manufacturers, as well as ergonomics consultants and universities worldwide.

Ergonomic Force Gauges that fit your workflows

ergoFET ergonomic force gauges are simple-to-use, ergonomically designed digital instruments ideal for muscle strength evaluations and job task analysis. Accuracy and simplicity are key design criterion for these ergonomic force gauges. They are an excellent, cost-effective solution for workplace design, strength assessment, and ergonomic studies.

Ergo FET Device With a Display and a Button

ergoFET® Push and Pull Force Gauge

Digital force gauge to measure push and pull forces. ergoFET® fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, to perform direct one hand test applications.

A Toolbox in Black Color With Components

ergoFET® 500 Two-Hand Push and Pull Force Gauge

The wireless ergoFET® 500 is the digital force gauge for job site and ergonomic analysis, NIOSH whole-body or job-specific static strength testing.

A Measuring Device With Two Displays

microFET® HandGRIP 

The microFET® digital HandGRIP measures handgrip strength forces to test and document grip strength deficits and to evaluate consistency of effort.

A Tool Case With Components in Show

Hand Evaluation Kit

Complete toolset to screen and evaluate hand strength. Includes Hoggan digital HandGRIP and Pinch together in one convenient carrying case.