• microFET®

    Medical-grade dynamometers for exacting musculoskeletal evaluations that deliver results in patient recovery.
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  • ergoPAK™

    Portable toolkits with wireless capabilities designed for collecting and analyzing functional data under real job conditions.
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  • ergoFET®

    Force evaluation testing for engineering and safety professionals that measure and quantify human and product performance.
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Hoggan Scientific’s continuous commitment to the highest quality standards have resulted in accomplishment of IS0 13485:2016 for the scope of

the design, development, and manufacture of non-sterile dynamometer and inclinometer measuring devices and related accessories.

Bsi certification for medical devices by Hoggan Scientific.
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Hoggan Scientific - FDA approved.

We Measure Success

In disciplines where precision measurements can mean the difference between success or failure, HOGGAN Scientific sets the standard. Our products are found in leading universities, hospitals, physical, occupational, sports medicine and sports teams facilities. We are essential to the automobile, aerospace, food, packaging industries and are counted on in pharmaceutical trials and scientific research around the globe. HOGGAN Scientific’s innovation, design, and manufacturing prowess is a trusted ally in a world where precision matters.