Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery ICR14250 – SKU: FETNB


Model#: FETNB

Set of two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries:  ICR14250 280mAH 3.7V

Compatible with microFET2, ergoFET, ergoFET500, microFET3, microFET HandGRIP

This Type of battery can be ordered if your units serial # is after the below serial #’s listed

Model# Description Serial #
5021 MicroFET2 1C612W
5050-100 MicroFET Handgrip 42087W
5026 MicroFET3 31032W
5056 ErgoFET300 26888W
5065 ErgoFET500 55418W

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Lithium batteries are non returnable

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